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Your PR Firm is a Revenue Generator, Not a Cost Center

Some of the best grant writing professionals can be found at PR firms. As a grant writing company we know how to present a strong case, create a compelling narrative and handle the technical needs of any grant writing assignment. When nonprofit budgets and staff are leanest, especially amid COVID-19 struggles, you can rely on your PR firm to help you create and submit the grants and emergency grants which are becoming available now with the $2 trillion stimulus package. The vulnerable communities served by your nonprofit need you now more than ever. Let us help you with the grants you need to keep your services flowing.

While our Dallas-based PR firm is respected for moving with speed and agility, an effective grant also requires creativity and an eye for accuracy. When you ask us to write your grant, you can have peace of mind knowing we will follow our five-step grant writing process.

  • Review: The Power Group will be prepared with a list of questions and needs so that we don’t waste your time.

  • Discovery: We will dedicate the necessary time to understand your needs, concerns and create a customized grant that speaks to the hearts and minds of the people who hold your nonprofit’s success in their very hands.

  • Draft: We will provide you with an exceptional draft that we expect to be clearly written and free of errors. We strive for perfection at the outset.

  • Final: We will make final edits, with two members of the grant writing team providing a final proofing before your final approval.

  • Submission: We will submit your grant as far in advance of the deadline as possible based on the timing above.

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